the claim process

We extend our sincerest apologies for any damage and/or inconvenience you have incurred throughout the process of your move. Please see below an outline of what to expect each stage of the claims process. 


Stage 1 – Registering Your Claim Online:


Once on the site, click on the picture icon titled “Filing Your Moving Claim/Complaint” and fill out the necessary information in the fields provided. Please note this is ONLY the registration part of your claim/complaint, therefore we would only need a general outline of your claims/complaints. Shortly after registering we will contact you to provide you with the opportunity to submit any additional supporting documents i.e. photos, receipts, notations made on documentation from the move, etc. Remember: There are procedures set by the government that you as the customer, and your moving company, are obligated to follow. Please read the back of the moving contract, labeled “BILL OF LADING”. You will find the various terms and conditions governing your type of moving contract on the reverse side.


Stage 2 – Claim Registration Acknowledgement Notice:


Once we receive your claim registration through our site, it is entered into our system’s database and a file is generated. A Claim Acknowledgement Notice will be sent to you via email or mail within 24–72 hours of the following business day. This email will ask that you please allow up to 7 business days for us to validate your patronage with the company you are filing a claim/complaint against.


Stage 3 - Claim Procedures Package (CPP):


Once your registration is validated we will then contact you to gather further details. The next correspondence you will receive from us will be the Claim Procedures Package, (CPP) which you will need to fill out online. The package itself is self-explanatory but our offices are open Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm EST, feel free to give us a call with any questions. The package will request for you to validate your claims and provide supporting documents, such as a letter detailing all of the inconveniences incurred as well as any damage and/or loss, a copy of all documentation from your move, and photographs of the damaged items (if any). 


Stage 4 – Receiving & processing your Claim Procedures Package (CPP):


After we receive your CPP, a Claim Specialist will begin the process in hopes of validating your claims/complaints and seeking resolution. The Claim Specialist will take everything submitted into consideration and contact all the involved parties accordingly. If your submitted Claim Procedures Package does not meet the requirements within, we will send you a notice (via email) of what supportive documentation is still needed. Note: Until we receive all of the necessary information, your file cannot be processed and it is posted in our system as PENDING. Once all the requirements are met, we will provide you with the final opportunity to submit any additional information should you wish to or request to conclude our investigation. Sequentially offering settlement.


Stage 5 – Finalizing the process of your Claim/Complaint:


Before we can continue forward, we must ensure that we've provided you with every opportunity available to submit ALL YOUR DAMAGES & CONCERNS against your service provider (Your Moving Company). If you are satisfied with the information submitted up to date, and do not wish to provide any additional damages or concerns against your moving company, you will need to SIMPLY PUT IT IN WRITING! 

You will need to declare that you are satisfied with all information submitted up to date, and do not wish to provide any additional damages or concerns against your moving company. 

However, should you wish to add additional damages or concerns to your existing case be sure to follow the guidelines we provided you in the Online Claim Procedures Package. It is very important that we provide all customers with a fair and thorough investigation to reach a fair and accurate resolution. 

Stage 6 – Furnishing & Accepting Company’s Settlement Letter:


Once your moving provider determines the claim settlement amount, a "SETTLEMENT OF CLAIM & GLOBAL RELEASE OF LIABILITY FORM" is sent out to you via mail or email. This form shows the amount of the settlement and the conditions of accepting the settlement. At this time you will only be required to sign and notarize the settlement letter before returning it to us. Once you mail this form back to us, we will record it in your file and forward it on to your moving provider for them to release final payment. It is important to remember that we are a third party claims processing company. We do not issue your check, your contract is with the moving provider (the responsible party) and they will issue you a check.


Stage 7 – How to rebuttal your settlement offer (If needed):


It is our intention that you are able to make the best of the dispute process should you choose to file one. The Dispute process is a one-time opportunity to re-file missing information to better support your claim. If you are not satisfied with the settlement offer made by your carrier, you must mail your dispute request, the reason for disputing along with any supporting documents to the same mailing address you’ve sent all prior correspondence to. 


Remember: Your claim has already been reviewed once and a settlement letter was issued based on the information you provided. Please read your settlement letter carefully as it will allow you to better understand the reasons for the determination and if any information was missing. Please Note: All disputes are being reviewed by a Senior Claim Specialist. No third review of a claim is allowed.


Stage 8 – Arbitration Process:


As with any industry, disputes can arise between a customer and a company. The moving industry is no different. Disputes between a moving company and a consumer shipper can arise for many reasons. The most common disputes a consumer shipper can have with a moving company will involve issues of overcharges for services, failure to deliver on time, or damages and missing items.


In the interstate moving industry, the FMCSA requires that each moving company have in place a neutral arbitration program to help resolve disputes. Neutral arbitration can serve as a cost effective and quick alternative to traditional litigation. Additionally, neutral arbitration is more informal than court litigation and a consumer shipper may be able to navigate the arbitration process without hiring an attorney.


To initiate the arbitration process a consumer shipper simply has to inform the moving company of their intent to arbitrate. It is advised that a demand for arbitration be sent via certified mail to the moving company. Once the moving company has received the written demand for arbitration, they are required to send the proper forms and information from the neutral arbitration service they use. 

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