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As with any industry, disputes can arise between a customer and a company. The moving industry is ... 


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Custom tariffs are published to be unique for each carrier. Custom tariffs provide great flexibility in services and ...



The moving industry provides hundreds of professional, hardworking, honest companies, estimators, drivers, and movers who provide reliable services. Naturally, most relocations will be executed in a timely manner. The moving industry is built to strive for quick and efficient services, guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

However, as with any industry, there’s always a possibility for unforeseen service failures such as, damaged or missing items, account overages, and/or general dissatisfying interaction with company personnel. ​

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In the unlikely event a customer experience’s any of the above, or if they feel that they’ve been charged for services that were not performed prior, during or after services were completed, the customer must initially give the service provider (Moving Company) the first right to fully investigate and respond in writing with a resolution to their issues.  

To start the claim/complaint process against a service provider, click on the Filing a Claim/Complaint tab and register the claim information. Upon receiving your claim/complaint information online, we will send a claim Registration Acknowledgment Notice via email, confirming that the claim/complaint has been received and entered to our electronic system! 


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To make your move a little less complex, we  created a Moving Glossary filled with key terms related to the ...



An interstate household goods moving broker is not a moving company and is not held to the same ...